About Me

I'm Thor. Yes, Really.

Having Down Syndrome hasn't stopped me from changing the world. How do you leverage your everyday superhero powers? 

     Who am I, well I am Thor, and yes that is my real name. I am Down Syndrome, and being born with this gift it also gave me a purpose, to be the hero you need to Be, sharing my love, spreading my laughter and inspiring all those I meet, one act of random kindness at a time.

     In 2016 I met Chad Cavanaugh, @grunt1bcomics,  the creator of the comic Radgod, where I was introduced as Halfthor, the first Down syndrome lead character ever in a comic. The story is an awesome epic adventure of Viking heroes saving the world from the evil Jotnar, where you can watch me kick some troll butt!

Whether I am in action on the street or promoting my brand Always Be Thor at conventions and social events, I do everything I can to share my story and spread the word, There is a hero in all of us..... it's up to you to bring 'em out!

     You too can be a superhero. Through kindness, empathy, and generous acts. No cape, hammer, or mask required.  

Always be Thor at Comic Con